About Setlisting

We don't just like concerts, we love concerts.

Setlisting is maintained by concert junkies and setlist fanatics whose goal is very simple: give music fans high quality setlists. Some people reminisce about sporting events or world events, but we prefer concerts.

We'll tell you about the first song played at the last show of The Who's first farewell tour. Did you ever see Phish on Halloween? We'll help you remember which album they covered start to finish. Did Pearl Jam finish every show with "Yellow Ledbetter"? We can tell you that.

With concerts, if songs are the chapters, then a setlist is the book that tells the concert's story. Written or unwritten, short or long, the setlist allows the artist to take their fans along for a journey. And whether it’s a tiny club or an enormous open air festival, Setlisting.com aims to commemorate these journeys and help you relive that moment in time.

We're here to help you with the whole experience:

  • Always miss tickets? Follow your favorite artists, discover upcoming shows, buy tickets
  • Forget what songs were played? Hit the show, then check back here for the setlist
  • Was your concert available for download? We can tell you that. It's the next best thing to being there!

Setlisting is your site, so if you see something missing, make a contribution! Until a concert time machine is invented, we'll rely on your memories, some research, and that long lost video to help us recap all the exciting concerts that we look back on with great memories.